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As of today, financial incentives (including governmental grants) constitute an important layer in the financial activities of a company, and represent an eminent consideration in its decision-making processes towards investing in a specific project, deciding the company's operational structure or choosing its geographical whereabouts.


The state of Israel is encouraging companies to carry out industrial activities (especially those of Research and Development) through a set of incentives-based financial tracks and different governmental benefits.


The constant changes in relevant Israeli laws and regulations require a change in the company's perception and a new, proactive approach, in order for a company to be able to fully exploit the range of possibilities and business opportunities, offered through the different channels.


About us                                       


Smart Solution is a leading Israeli company that specializes in the different processes of obtaining governmental R&D grants.


Smart Solution specializes in putting together a tailor-made, optimal incentives package for companies from different fields with different needs and requirements. Our company's expertise relates (amongst other) to the following incentives resources:


  • The Israel Innovation Authority (formerly the OCS) - obtaining R&D grants for different companies (from "Seed" companies, SMEs and even global companies), aiding entrepreneurs from their very first steps towards product realization, assisting companies to join different R&D-oriented international consortiums, etc.

  • International R&D-supporting sources - obtaining funds from different Bi-National Foundations, various channels under different cooperation agreements and from various US federal foundations.


Our leading consultants are multi-task & multi-disciplinary experts with vast experience in different aspects of fund-raising processes. We have accumulated over 15 years of experience working with and vis-à-vis the different relevant government institutions and specifically the IIA.

Our unique approach


Our approach is based on our extensive experience and profound knowledge of the different incentives sources, both in the Israeli market and in the International one. We harness this knowledge in order to find and put together the optimal incentives solution for each our clients. Our solutions are specifically tailored for companies in their different life-cycle stages, starting from "Seed" and all the way to the global, fully-grown companies, which are looking to update their incentives' basket together with expanding their activities.


We strongly believe that in order to be able to define and obtain the optimal incentives mix, there is a need for a preliminary planning that is based on a broad business understanding, deep knowledge of the different laws, rules and regulations and a proven track record of working with the different governmental institutions.


In our work, we are bound to creative thinking that integrates a wide and complete vision of all alternatives that currently exist for the company, according to its specific business model and strategic needs.


Our company's unmatched success record is based on this approach.


Our services


After studying and analyzing the company, we provide:

-  Planning and putting together the optimal incentives mix, according to a company's business model, strategic goals and development forecasts.

- Advising and accompanying the company throughout the process of obtaining governmental R&D-supporting grants, including the determination of the "approaching strategy", defining and writing the content of the submitted application and preparing the company towards its appearance in front of the different governmental representatives and examiners (e.g. "preparing the show").

-  Continuous accompaniment of the company, during the entire project's duration, in regards to the different formal requirements and obligations it has vis-à-vis the different institutions, specifically relating to the demand for periodical technological and financial reports.

-  Proactive examination, along the year, of the different incentives alternatives for the company, in order to utilize additional R&D-related and other grants the company might be entitled to receive.

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